Lambouri Winer - The Mediterranean Jewel
Lambouri Winer - The Mediterranean Jewel
Lambouri Winery - The Mediterranean Jewel
Lambouri Winery - The Mediterranean Jewel

Our Wines

Cyprus, the "Island of Love", birthplace of Aphrodite, is for over 300 years home to Lambouri Winery. Our exclusive wines are created in Platres, a village famous for its winemaking traditions, located 1128 meters above sea level, at the southern slopes of the Troodos mountain range.


Lambouri wines are produced from local grape varieties, which grow on the island's best grape region, the A-Zone, on the southern slopes of the Troodos Mountains. Here the blend of rich-limestone soil, spring showers, and hot, sunny Mediterranean summers ripen the fruit and give it its full flavor. Winters are mild, and the gentle Cypriot breeze keep frosts in check and dispel the fogs.  This is the ideal environment for the creation of our exquisite wines.


The fine bouquet of Lambouri wines absorbed the freshness of the Troodos mountain range, the purling of spring water, the warbles of nightingales, and the passion of our winemaker.


It is recommended to drink Lambouri wine on any occasion in any amount at any time.

Please feel free to read more about our wines.

We are open for visitors:

Mon - Sun 9:00 - 18:00

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