Lambouri Winer - The Mediterranean Jewel
Lambouri Winer - The Mediterranean Jewel
Lambouri Winery - The Mediterranean Jewel
Lambouri Winery - The Mediterranean Jewel

Lambouri Commandaria Legacy - The Sweet Temptation

Lambouri Commandaria Legacy is made from indigenous Mavro and Xinisteri grapes, grown at the exclusive Com- mandaria Region of Cyprus, on the foothills of the Troodos Mountains.

Lambouri Commandaria Legacy is an origin-controlled sweet wine that has been aged in oak casks for at least 9 years. The colour is an intense caramel, while on the palate it is sweet and full bodied, with a long finish.


Dried grape wine from Cyprus was first described in 800 B.C. by the Greek poet Hesiod. In the 12th century, Richard the Lionheart, enjoyed Commandaria greatly at his wedding in Cyprus. He proclaimed it “The wine of Kings, and the King of Wines”.


The Knights Templar’s estate in Cyprus was known as the “Gran Commanderie”, which later became known as Commandaria. When the knights exported this wine to Europe’s royal courts, it rose to international fame. This it is the second oldest named wine in the world still in production, after the biblical Cypriot wine “Ya’in Kafrisin”.


Our Commandaria Legacy is one of the most awarded Commandaria wines in Europe, Asia and USA, with more than 8 Best of Shows, Grand and Double Gold awards.

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