Lambouri Winer - The Mediterranean Jewel
Lambouri Winer - The Mediterranean Jewel
Lambouri Winery - The Mediterranean Jewel
Lambouri Winery - The Mediterranean Jewel

Lambouri Sweet Temptation

The Lambouri Sweet wine range is pure enjoyment. With the unique location of our vineyards on rich-limestone soil, distinctive weather with spring showers, and hot, sunny Mediterranean summers ripen the Grenache Noir (Lambouri Sweet Red) and our Muscat of Alexandria (Lambouri Muscat) grapes, giving the fruits their full flavor. For the special sweetness, we leave the grapes just that little extra time on the vine. The stunning result is a sweet wine, created without any additives, for your pure delight.

We are open for visitors:

Mon - Sun 9:00 - 18:00

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Lambouri Winery Ltd
Ag. Demetrious 24a
4810 Platres, Cyprus

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